Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Club Nàutic Fornells is located in the Ses Salines Urbanization, 1 km south of the town of Fornells, on the island of Menorca, and was founded in 1966 and completely renovated in 2008 (new pontoon) and 2010 ( new headquarters).

Its main activity is the Sailing School and the management of 74 moorings located on the jetty. The inspiring principles of the Club can be summarized in three points:     

  1. Promotion of Sailing Sport.     
  2. Teaching sailing to the Sailing in all its levels.     
  3. Training of sailors for the competition.

In the activities we carry out to achieve it, we are aware that we can generate some impact on the environment. In addition, these activities are located in a privileged environment of the island and the Mediterranean in general, and for all this we consider it essential to work with the utmost respect for the environment, always prioritizing its conservation and protection. To demonstrate our responsibility in this regard, we have decided to implement and maintain an Environmental Management System in line with the UNE / EN / ISO 14001: 2004 Standard, within which we adopt the following commitments:

  • Introduce all necessary measures for compliance with environmental regulations at European, State, Regional and Local level, as well as other requirements applicable to our activities.     
  • Establish our own annual objectives of environmental protection and continuous improvement of the system and strive to achieve them, providing the necessary resources, and above all involving and raising awareness among Club staff, whose participation, responsibility and training we consider essential.     
  • Promote the dissemination of good environmental practices in all activities carried out by the Club, especially with young sailors, as well as in our daily contact with partners, users and suppliers. We will also transmit to all of them the present Environmental Policy, always seeking to raise awareness and to spread our respect towards the environment.     
  • Identify and evaluate all the environmental impacts derived from our activities and services, in order to reduce and prevent negative impacts as much as possible. For this, we will adopt the necessary measures to prevent coastal and marine pollution, we will use natural resources and energy in a sustainable manner, and we will manage our waste in the most respectful way possible with the environment, always trying to minimize its generation.

The Board of Directors of Club Náutico Fornells fully participates in the spirit of this Environmental Policy, which it will periodically review and make available to any interested party.

Fornells, November of 2013

Juan Camps Riudavets

President of  Club Nàutic Fornells