Club Nàutic Fornells was born on March 17, 1966 to manage a pier for partners and seasonal visitors from the area of ​​Ses Salines. Initially lacking social headquarters, Miguel Mercadal was the first president of an entity that has intensively promoted for five decades the sports relationship -formative, competitive and hobby- of the central area of ​​the island with the sea. The fiftieth anniversary of CN Fornells will focus, then, all the programming of the company at the head of which is Joan Camps, The president recognizes that the anniversary “comes at the best sporting and social moment of the club”, with more than 250 associates registered and the development of activities of promotion and introduction to the maritime world with the programs ‘Vine to Navigate’ or ‘Mar i Vela’. Camps is especially proud of “the removal of all architectural barriers” to offer “the best service” to all sea lovers.